Fred Rosen

Fred Rosen was a Navy buddy of JFK’s from postinsg in Charleston, South Carolina, Chicago midshipman school, and the Melville Torpedo Motor Boat School.

Rosen was from Dalton, Georgia and a member of the University of Georgia football team. He was soon a running buddy for multiple social outings with Kennedy. Decades later Rosen recalled the breathless social pace kept up by the soon to be deployed PT officers,

“Kennedy was the only one with a car. Every morning we’d begin by doing calisthenics, running, and exercises. Then classes would begin at eight o’clock and we would secure at 3 p.m. We used to play touch football every afternoon. Some of the officers would stay on the base if they wanted to study, and some of us would go to Newport – we weren’t too far from town. And we’s all pile into Kennedy’s car, oh, five or six of us in this convertible and go to dinner. We’d have marvelous times in Newport. And, on weekends we’d go down to New York; he and I would go down to New York almost every weekend.



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